Driver of positive
Sustainability Report 2020
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Responsibility has been at the heart of Ardian’s investment philosophy for many years. But it has never felt more relevant or vital to us than now.
Dominique Senequier
President of Ardian
Our new tools give us a better macro view of the impacts of our investments and make it easier to link our work with portfolio companies to the Sustainable Development Goals.
Candice Brenet
Head of Sustainability
Our sustainability journey

Profit-sharing charter created after Dominique Senequier sets out principles of shared value, to ensure shared rewards


First ESG portfolio review of five companies in the Buyout portfolio

Ardian becomes one of the first private equity firms to sign up to the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)


The Ardian Foundation is launched


First ESG monitoring campaign of our GPs


Transparency to LPs increased by incorporating an ESG section in standard Funds’ management reports


Ardian becomes an employee-controlled company

The Ardian Sustainability Committee is created


Financial assessment of ESG initiatives is introduced


Ardian co-founds the Initiative Climat International, to help private equity firms tackle climate change in their investment process


Ardian calculates its carbon footprint for the first time

Publishes its Responsible Investment policy

ESG training is incorporated into Ardian University


Ardian creates the Millennial Executive Committee

Becomes a member of the UN PRI’s private equity advisory committee


Ardian introduces its Green Challenge for Ardian offices

Starts mapping its portfolios in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals


Sustainability Measurement methodology launched for Buyout activity and expanded to Expansion activity

Ardian joins the Investor Leadership Network to help push for increased workplace diversity


Ardian is awarded EDGE Certification recognizing our commitment to gender equality

Impact Measurement methodology launched for the Infrastructure activity

Responsible Investment: maximizing positive impact
Our Responsible Investment policy, which we publicly shared in 2016, actively integrates ESG factors into our investment process. It takes into account the specific nature of each investment strategy.
Ardian empowers individuals to collectively create sustainable value for all stakeholders
This is our company’s vision for sustainability – Ardian’s role as a catalyst for change; the importance of each individual’s actions and the power of collaboration; and the need to ensure the value we create together benefits all stakeholders.
Driver of positive
Driver of positive
Sustainability Report 2020
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